The following is a true story, only the names have been changed, to protect the guilty.

Monday, September 16, 2013

Fat-Bike Adventure Ride III

It's that time of year again folks! This will be the third installment of the adventure ride. If you've been on the ride before you know what to expect. That could mean, you won't ever be back,or you can't wait for it to begin. For those that have not been on the ride expect to get muddy, wet up to your knees, and tired. You can also expect to have a really fun time with other like minded people who enjoy fat-biking off the beaten path. The route will have similar features as last year as well as some new stuff to keep it interesting for those who have attended before.
 This ride may not be for you if... You need to hold mommy's hand when you're scared and tired, You have really nice shoes or clothing you don't want to get wet, dirty, or destroyed. You don't want to trash your super swanky fat-bike by getting it wet and dirty. ie wheel bearings, bottom brackets, headsets, derailleurs. You have no skills what so ever, on a fat-bike or off road. Most importantly the ride is not for you if you are going to complain. This has not been a problem yet and I'd like to keep it that way.  The people who have shown up in the past have given their bikes and bodies a thorough  beating and have done it with smiles on their faces, if this sounds like a good time to you please join us. If it's raining,bring a rain jacket, if it's raining hard, bring a really good rain jacket, if it's snowing consider yourself lucky. Please dress in earth tones if possible to help keep a low profile.

Ride will be on Oct 12th 2013 at this location, the top of the parking ramp. Meet at 9:45am, rolling by 10. we will be riding the light rail back to our start location so plan to bring a couple bucks for train fare. Bring food and water, although we will be very close to gas stations they are not on the route and we will not be stopping (maybe). If you should decide to leave the ride at any time, food,water,and a ride home from mommy will not be far. For more info, this is what we did last year and the year before, as well as last years announcement post which might answer a few more questions.

P.S. This a fat-bike ride only! Krampus and other 29+ bikes should suffice. 2 point whatever inch tires won't cut it for this ride so stay home or go ride the road.

Much Love    D Rider