The following is a true story, only the names have been changed, to protect the guilty.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Woods and Water

We all have favorite places. Some are ones we dream about, others are ones we get to very seldom, sometimes they are places we take for granted and are right in our own backyards.
The Minnesota was flooded much of the prime summer months

many of us here in the twin cities know this exact spot ,but that water ins't supposed to be there

A little campfire and some cooking

My son G Man built this little cooking arrangement , which he learned how to build by watching survivor programs on tv....I was impressed 

I little kayaking after work on an extremely beautiful fall afternoon

Lock and dam no 1 on the Mississippi....also the new-ish 35w  bridge that replaced the one that collapsed not too many years ago   

Need to explore this

Is that one of them fat-bikes?

The fog

I've recently been reunited with another Karate Monkey...this one fits properly 

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Family Time

Recently the boys, Lynn and myself all found ourselves with a day free of any obligations. I put together an idea for some rappelling , lunch in the woods, and general exploring and playing. The rappel was short but I want to get my kids used to it and teach them a thing or two for when we go do some big stuff one day, and keep them relatively safe at the same time. Although the vertical drop was only about 25 feet, once they were free hanging it was all up to them. After two raps each we moved on to lunch and playtime in the woods. Overall an excellent day with the family.

The boys wait as I untangle a snarled mess of rope

Super Y is the first kid on the rope....I went first just to make sure it was all good

Big D...first run

This looks tall for a little kid

Super Y....all good

where are we anyway ? 

G Man...looking like a true outdoors man