The following is a true story, only the names have been changed, to protect the guilty.

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Cheater's 100 Recap

For the inaugural Cheater's 100 a whopping 3 people showed up, including myself. I pretty much knew this would happen, but figured making up an event with a real name and date would get the ball rolling for future rides or events.

Vandy having issues with Monster can/ cotton sock air filter

Where are we ?
 The day didn't go quite as planned with rain being the number one drawback. At the predetermined start point , Vandy and I showed up just to see if any one else would be joining us. No one was there, and it was raining, so we decided on a different location to get underway. As expected, keeping the bikes running properly would also be a factor in our success. This is all part of the fun, sort of a man and machine battle to conquer the path that lay before him. In the end we won.
Sweet Ride

This was filled up to that little white wire, not good

Nice warm work shop, did I mention we were all soaked and shivering by the time we got here.   Thanks Brian
 About mid way through "the rally" we were joined by "Best in Schow" and his awesome looking old skool ride. From our meet-up point we would head into the city of Lavender Town for a bite to eat. Previously it had not been raining, just pissing a little, but as we got underway the drops started falling hard. After a few miles of wet pavement my bike suddenly just stopped running. Close by was friend of  B. in S. and we were able to take the bike inside of his shop and work on it. Initially I could get no spark even after thoroughly drying out the coil which I suspected due to its mounted position in relation to road spray from the front tire. I quick swap to Vandys bike revealed the coil was good. The culprit was a leaky cover over the magneto. When I pulled the bottom screw off the case, water began to leak out of the hole from which it was removed. The fix was to dry it out, sand the rough edges of the mating surface of the case, seal it with RTV, and pedal it like hell until it finally popped to life.
Lunch spot

Back home

Filling up with gas at the "Snarky Carp"
 After what seemed like a whole day of working on the bike we finally headed over to a little Mexican restaurant for some lunch. By the time we were done eating the rain had stopped but we were nearly out of time for the day. We headed over to the Snarky Carp for some coffee and to drool over the bikes inside. From there, Vandy and I rode with B. in S. about half the way home before going our separate ways, him back to the city and us back to suburbia. Despite the rain and break down the entire day was fun as heck and one I will not soon forget.  For all you "on the fence" folks out there, get a motor, some gas, and lets ride. 


  1. I can remember about 5 years ago when I saw DG do this to a big dummy. Looks like motorized shit bikes are her to stay! although my wife will argue that this is justification for me not getting a motorcycle.

  2. Hey man you gotta take what you can get, the motors are a lot cheaper than a motor cycle and I'm sure you already have a bike to use