The following is a true story, only the names have been changed, to protect the guilty.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Death Rider.............Lives!

Hey Ya'll .....I'm still alive and kicking. When the nasty winter ended around here, spring hit almost immediately, and I needed to play.....a lot.  I just could not find the time to do any updating..... sorry. The trip to Utah went very well except for one day of rain.....I'll get to that trip later.  I just got back from a trip to Isle Royale with my middle son, Super Y, yesterday. We had a good time and I'll share that one later as well. Although I have not done any other strange adventures (except one) I have been riding road, MTB and gravel a lot, this is not really anything to write about but I have chosen the TV set after said rides instead of updating this blog. The following is a bunch of random stuff my boys, wife and myself have been up to.
Didn't know it at the time but this impromptu trip down to the secret grill in the woods would be the only one we would do in the spring. Right after this the bugs came out with a fury and the river flooded soon after

The Mayor and his son (not pictured) joined us

The boys built forts and dug holes

Memorial weekend was fantastic, we all made our first trip up to Elm Creek.

The trails up there were awesome, if I had know they were as good as they were we would have gone a long time ago. That's my wife BTW

We had so much fun riding at Elm Creek we decided to drive up to Cuyuna for the day ( Sunday of Memorial weekend) and do some more


G man is getting really good at riding now and I find I can actually get a workout in while riding with him. This won't last too much longer as I 'm sure he'll be waiting for me at the top of the climbs.

Fishing with Great Grandpa

Witches Hat is in the background. This winter I discovered that this was open to the public to climb to the top just once a year. When the day came to ascend  it I was joined by Super Y and Big D

The boys meet a girl in the park during the festival and they all decide to show off their gymnastics moves

Waiting to go up

From the top

Minneapolis skyline 

inside the tower, headed back down the spiral staircase 

Super Y gets a new bike hours before we head out to the Witches Hat. It was such a nice night , after climbing the tower the three of us decide to roll down to the Uof M and get some more riding in.

Where are your kids at 10pm on a Friday night ?