The following is a true story, only the names have been changed, to protect the guilty.

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

November Rides

Despite the often rainy weather we experienced in November I managed to get out quite a few times for some fantastic rides. I always enjoy hitting the tails and road routes I'm familiar with, but riding new single track, seeing a new area, or rolling with people out of my normal group is what really makes me happy. I'll let the pics do the talking.....along with some captions.
Rarely do I get to ride with my wife and kids on a weeknight. It was super warm early in the month and the 4 of us hit the river bottoms for a night ride. (missing G-Man...Gymnastics Practice)

During a rare event in which a dam is lowered .....the fat-biking is prime!

ONeil.....on smooooooth sand 


Not everything was smooth....fields of boulders were common 

Away from the river.... we find a smaller river crossing 


Lots of sand problem for the fatties

Mid-way through November I found myself passing through St Peter on a weekend errand. I brought my bike along and rode the trails near the Minnesota River...They were fantastic and I look forward to visiting again 

V, Craigslist, and Stomper

Of course there was a Sewer Tour just before Thanksgiving 

always something new to see down here 

Boney and Stomper

Immediately following Thanksgiving the family and I were up on the North shore.   

After being dropped off by wife and kids I did a little exploring on a route back to the fun house. I encountered this very un-frozen swamp/lake thing after fully committing to the route....had to bushwhack around on the left.  

Big D 

Got to ride with Big D and Super Y....G-Man unfortunately siting this out with an injury