The following is a true story, only the names have been changed, to protect the guilty.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Fat Bike Adventure Ride Recap

Ropes course?

Yes, DBD was representin'

NO this is not a MORC trail

People live under here!

The 4 remaining riders at the end

13 to start
What a ride! I was blown away by the number of guys that showed up,12, making me lucky number 13. When I first planned the ride I thought I might be able to twist the arms of my regular riding buddies ("The Legend" Dave P and Mark V) into this thing. I also thought I might be riding it alone, I was cool with that but riding in a large group like this was awesome. I was really excited to see Greg P and "Kid" R. I haven't seen Greg in awhile and I've known "Kid" for a long time and rarely see or ride with him. It was also cool to meet some new guys with the fat bike disease. The ride went a little longer than planned and half of the group headed back around 2:30 pm. The rest of us, Troy, Brett, Tim, Steve, and Kid carried on with the mission. I did skip several parts of the route near the end that would have added another hour or two. I was good with this as we were nearing the 4 hour ride time and 6 hour elapsed time mark and getting tired .  I won't go into great detail as to where we were you just had to be there. It's not a big secret as I'm sure a lot of people will recognize some of the areas from the photos. Look for other rides coming soon or plan your own and be sure to let me in on them, I'm up for anything!


  1. Ha Ha
    A ropes course and fun mud to play in!!! How could it get much better??!! Lol
    Glad you got a good turn out!!!
    I would like to get a 1/3rd of the turn out you had to ride with!!
    I do not know what it's like to ride with others, sad but true. My group rides usually consist of me and sometimes one other!!?? And that's a big sometimes!!!
    Oh well, such is life living in the northland!!

    Peace, Joe

  2. AWESOME adventure Josh. The BEST ever Fat bike ride. Luv'd it all. Gregg

  3. Great ride! Here are my pics at the end of my FatBike Adventures album in picasa.

  4. I love the pics Troy. I also want the directions to the abandoned light house. I was up there this past summer and thought about that place from a conversation we had years ago.

  5. Fantastic local adventure, thank you for capturing it so well in pics!

  6. Josh, here's the location of the light:
    Definitely a great place to get out to. Here's some more details and pics of my ride out to it on MORC-