The following is a true story, only the names have been changed, to protect the guilty.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Man Trip day 2

I'll start day two with something that happened the night before. While Mark and I were enjoying the last of our dinners by the fire, recounting, the days fun we were interupted by a shotgun blast. Yes a shotgun being shot off at ten p.m. It took a second for it to register what actually happened. I've been camping at this site for many years now but never really knew if we were tresspassing or not. Be both jumped to our feet and headed for the truck. After some scouting of the area we found the camp site to be within the Superior Hiking trail. The neighbor must have just been cleaning his gun or shooting at someone else

Awhile later Troy and Lonny showed up. We traded Lonny for (cupcake) because he had other stuff to do this year. bummer They set up camp and we all went to sleep, except Lonny who froze his balls off all night. Apparently he thought we would be stoking the fire all night. Not the case, although he could have done it himself, he kept getting up to put more of his clothes on.

After breakfast we headed for the Cascade River to repeat the same ride from the day before. It was just as fun the second day

Adventure #2 was to ski the Devil Track. This is always a great time Troy and I have been doing this one for years. It takes about three hours to complete and in some spots you would swear you were in the mountains, mostly because we don't have cool stuff here. One has to go to Colorado to see things like this. (bullshit) Everyone made the rapell down the waterfall at the end, including Lonny who was a bit nervous. Even the infamous (Dave Pramann) would not attempt this the year before. Ha We all made it back to the trucks to down some Monster in preperation for the next outing.
I decided to ride my bike to the mouth of Kadunce Creek while the guys went and shuttled the vehicles. Troy and Lonny met me,as Mark would head on to keep the seats warm an Sven and Olie's. We rode up the Kadunce and instead of walking most of it as the previous day , we pulled the bikes up the first inpass via a rope. We finished out the river with some wading and rode out on the SHT.
After a large dinner at Sven and Olie's we finished the day with a fire on the lake shore near Hovland.