The following is a true story, only the names have been changed, to protect the guilty.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Getting Ready for Fall Gravel

It's been a long time since I have thrown a leg over the gravel grinder. It's also been a while since I've trained for longer rides so tonight was an ass kicking that I needed. The bike has not been ridden since Almonzo and still has lots of gravel mud on it, specifically the inside of the cable housings and all the bearings that make it go forward. I didn't do much gravel/dirt (mostly pavement) but found this really cool sign and noticed the spelling of Mother was incorrect. I also wonder what the THC stands for Hmmmmm those crazy kids what will they do next.

Couch Flambeau

Nothing brings a family together like roasting marshmallows over a burning couch. It was the couch's destiny to be brutally dismantled and set ablaze after only a few short years of a hard life. On it's first day in my living room my brother's dog climbed to the top cushions and pissed all over them. Being the cheap piece of crap that it was, the cushions were not removable (for cleaning). Instead we dried them as best we could and avoided the area, and let guests unknowingly relax on that end of the couch. And so it would be the downward spiral of the red couch. In it's brief life it would be barfed on,spilled on (with numerous liquids and solids),jumped on countless times and torn in several areas to retrieve toys. The boys even used it as a napkin and kleenex wiping soiled hands and even runny noses. RIP red couch

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Corn Feed 2011 Mystery Cave

Brian on Dragon Jaw Lake
I think this is called the Three sisters
G man passing through the Dragon Jaw
Sunlight after six hours underground

The annual Corn Feed was this past weekend down at Forestville/Mystery Cave state Park. It's organized by the Minnesota Speleological Survey not the Park so don't go down there thinking you will see any of this stuff on the tour. Lynn took "Big D" and "Super Y" with her on a more low key trip, although we ended up in the same area. Brian and I went a little longer more advanced trip with "G man" and three others including our trip leader Paul. We had a blast going to a couple different areas that were not in the original plan. They included areas with strange names like Enigma Pit, Tree Roots and Dragon Jaw lake. "G man" is becoming quite the companion caver for me. It's great to do things together where both of us are getting the same thrill of the adventure. BTW, There was a lot of corn to be eaten on Saturday night after all the caving was over.

Black Dog Time Trial

This is what's left of Black Dog road. They used to run time trials down there a few years ago(on road bikes). Since then Mother nature decided she wanted the river bank back. I think it's better now, no cars and peaceful .