The following is a true story, only the names have been changed, to protect the guilty.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

The Cheaters 100

Ladies and gentlemen get your motorized bikes ready for the first ever Cheaters 100 motorized bicycle rally. The rally will be taking place on September 28th 2013 at 9:30 am from this location ( 44.777820, -93.350814) in Savage MN. The route may or may not cover 100 miles and it is not a race. I have no predetermined route written down so it's pretty much a group ride with a destination in mind.  Due to the fact we are using cheap motors manufactured in China purchased off Ebay for pocket change I'm not sure they will even make 100 miles. The goal is to make it to the somewhat ghost town of Blakeley Mn. There is nothing there, I just like the place for some reason and it seemed like a good spot to turn around. Gas and food stops will be had along the way utilizing the towns of Jordan and Shakopee. We will be traveling on pavement, gravel, and anything we see fit, we're cheaters after all so anything goes. Right now you still have a few weeks to get your shit together and get a bike motorized and ready to go. It only takes a few hours to turn that old piece of junk bike (most likely a 26" wheeled mountain bike) you have laying around in the garage, into a 30 mph rally riding machine. You can buy a motor on Ebay for roughly 150 bucks and have it in your grubby mitts in less than a week, so get movin'. Note: look for a motor that has a slanted head and needle bearings on the crank shaft. This is the one I bought.   Please leave a comment if you are planning on attending.
This is my bike. It's a Surly 1x1 set up as a 69er. It goes about 30 mph on flat ground without pedaling 

This is one of the other bikes set for rally mode. A 26 " wheeled MTB with a jack shaft so it goes a little faster .

This third bike may or may not be at the rally but it's a perfect example of a bike fished out of a dumpster and retrofitted with a bike motor 


  1. I am speechless. This is incredible!

  2. I would think a chain saw motor would work just fine.....

    1. Yeah but mounting it would suck, chain saws r expensive,and the chain drive is all wrong,for 150 bucks u get everything u need and dont have to engineer something that probably wont work anyway

  3. Dang it, Josh! Making me go spend more money. I'll be doing the Heck of the North on Cheaters day but I still might have to get one of these. Definitely have a frame that would work.

  4. Does the exhaust get hot? Looks like it would burn your leg.

    Now I want one. I am not so mechanically inclined. Is this something I sould figure out? I've got an old mtn bike waiting for a project like this.

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