The following is a true story, only the names have been changed, to protect the guilty.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Fat-Bike Adventure Ride II

If you made the ride last year you know how much fun it was, I had a blast and would like to do it again on October 13. I've already been hard at work getting the route together for this year with a few changes. There will be no ropes, due to the large amount of time spent last year. However there will be plenty of water, mud, sand, boulders, creeks and hobo camps. What ever foot wear you decide on, should be suitable for short hike-a-bike sections up steep hills, and rock.  We will NOT be swimming, but be prepared to ride axle deep water. Clear your schedule for the day, as the ride will consume most of it. Ride time will be from 4-6 hours moderate to easy pace. This ride is for anyone with a fat-bike and a good attitude, women are not excluded, but know this... there will probably be a bunch of fat-bike dorks geeking out over each others bikes. Please don't show up with a skinny 2.1" MTB trying to prove something, we all know, any bike will make it through anything, if you carry it. The plan is to not drop anyone, but if your way off the back we probably won't notice your gone, so either keep up or speak up if your falling behind. Don't ask for a map, there isn't one, it's an adventure. All of the route will be in St Paul and Mpls so finding your way back will be easy if I get killed by avalanche, monsters, lightning, Napoleon Dynamite, tornado, hurricane, killer bees, or head hunters, or all of the above, or if you decide to bail. We will take breaks so bring food and water. Dress in earth tones! I would recommend Nates first, then Huskerdus, or Larrys at  a minimum. Endomorphs suck for this type of ride, and if you don't know what any of these are you shouldn't show up at all. I've planned the start and end of the route to be near Lucky's 13 bar/grill in Mendota and intend on stopping there afterword if anyone will join me. Ride will be rain or shine but if it's raining super hard you will have to make your own adventure ride without me. Rain date will be the following day Oct 14th. Also, for my north and south brethren, I have room in my basement and tree house for you guys if you would like to do the ride and stay at my place on Friday or Saturday night. This means you...Tri, J-No, Scott*, Skogen, Farrow, Big Buff, Kershaw, Finch, Jo-Boo.  Almost forgot.... No Kooks!   Check here for more info and pics of what we did last year.
Details: Start Time and Date,  Saturday, October 13 2012,  9:45 am, rolling by 10am
            Start Location,  Pilot Knob in Mendota Heights  Acacia Blvd and Pilot Knob rd

So Let It Be Written...... So Let It Be Done.


  1. I'm going to put this on the calendar. No idea what the family plan is yet. I'm cleaning up the pugs now, and have to justify the need for 2 fatbikes.


  2. What if I don't have a fat bike but I have nunchuck and bowstaff skills, then can I come?

  3. I'll be there as long as the lung buster is still part of the route.

  4. Holy Crap that sounds like the most fun thing ever, my Necro should be built and ready by Wednesday so I will get training!

  5. Sir DeathRider,
    Thanks for the invite and the offer of a roof for the evening!
    Unfortunately i have to pass on this sure to be fun filled pedal, along with the most generous offer of crashing at you and the wife's humble home.
    To my horror I'll be in the twin cities the following weekend for that dreaded little douche-bag Justin Beaver!
    The boy (Zack) and I will be picking up his 9:zero:7 and bombing around somewhere.
    Here's hoping you all get good and muddy and have tons of fun!!

  6. I feel the need to endanger myself every so often so I will go on your nasty disturbing uncomfortable adventure and risk being late for dinner, again!

  7. on my calendar as well. sounds like fun.


  8. Snow or Rain just dod't drop me looking to have this one added to my resume...