The following is a true story, only the names have been changed, to protect the guilty.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Ray's Milwaukee

The whole family had a blast at Ray's this past weekend. Wyatt and Dylan rocked the beginner skinnies nearly the entire day. While Gunnar and I rode lap after lap on the X-C course Lynn would join in after checking up on the two little ones. After Gunnar rode stuff in the expert skinnies section he would later ask me what people meant when they called him "the bomb". We left Ray's after 6 hours completely fried, I thought. As soon as we got in the van the kids asked if we could go swiming now. "Of Course We Can"

New Years Eve on the North Shore

This past new years eve Gunnar and I ,along with friends David and Adam went camping on the North Shore at Goose Berry Falls state park. It would be a cold, cloudy weekend. The snow was in poor shape after the rain they recieved the day before, so our plans for snowshoeing would be pointless. Crampons would have served better as everything was covered in ice. We still had penty of fun exploring. We did two hikes along Lake Superior, one along the Temperence River, and we checked out Split Rock lighthouse. While inside our heated wall tent the temps hovered around 80 while Adam and I cooked and the boys played endless games of UNO. We never made it to midnight on the 31st