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Thursday, December 27, 2012

Triple Play

Where's the beer ?
Back in November, I spent an awesome day with my boys, a long time friend and his son, and T Sten, exploring three short underground passages. Two of the three passages I had already been to, one with Super "Y" and Big "D", the other with super adventurer A.F.. It was nice to put them all together in one trip  for a daylong outing.
This is one of the clean areas in the "mine"

Group shot gone crazy
All the credit has to go to T Sten for this trip, if not for him I would not have even known of the existence of any of it. Last winter he pointed me in a general direction in which I was not able to follow up on until this fall. After telling him of our success in locating the cave when the boys and I went searching, he was eager to get back down there himself just for the fun of it. Consequently another caving trip was planned. T Sten was also able to get permission from a local land owner for us to access a mine last used as a beer cellar known as &%^$*%@ Mine.
The bones are around here somewhere 

Artifact hunting, I think this is a real Native American torch
Just before the trip, I called  KK to see if he and his boys would like to join us. His oldest son thought it would not be "cool" enough, a decision he would later regret, so it was just KK and "Biscuit". We were pleased to have them along, and show them just how much nervous yelling it would take to get four youngsters safely down a cliff face and into a cave without getting hurt.

Coming down this cliff involved a lot of yelling at anxious boys :) 
First up was %*&^$#@ Mine. This place was not that nice, it was filled with trash and broken glass, and parts of it were caving in. We didn't spend much time there, but it was good to check it off of a list of places I've been,but won't necessarily return to.
Biscuit and KK

G man, Coming out of a small passage
A short drive, and a short hike had us at the mouth of a small historic cave. Many years ago,as the territory was being discovered, so to was the partial human remains of two individuals in this very cave. Years later that discovery lead to an archaeological dig in the cave, turning up evidence of early human inhabitants to the area. The cave is definitely not the way it was hundreds of years ago, unless the native people had the ability to manufacture beer cans and plastic bottles and have nowhere to throw them other than the ground. 
The group
Lastly we went to the cave that was explored by my boys and I just two weeks prior. This cave is quite a bit larger than the one we were just exploring and shares similar features. They are at roughly the same elevation  and are about 1000 feet from one another. It has two large rooms and a third one between two separate openings in the cliff face. We spent the most time here exploring and just fooling around. The cave also has a small crawling passage at the back of the largest room that appears keep going if you are the size of a raccoon or Big "D".  He neither had the desire, or permission to check it out :).
It was a great day with friends and family exploring and having fun. I hope to get back out adventuring with KK and his boys soon, as well as T Sten, with his vast knowledge of caves and fossils.      Thanks Guys

P.S. I'm not telling you where this stuff is, but if you do a little research you might be able to find it, or you could just ask me in person and I will take you there...... D Rider

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