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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Winter Bike Expo 2012

The Legend speaks
 The second annual Winter Bike Expo took place this past weekend. I rode down to the show with Vandy to check out all the fat-bikes, visit with friends, and listen to "The Legend' speak about the Arrowhead 135. I was also looking forward to riding the race course that was a ton of fun the previous year.
The unveiling 
 The Legend put together another great, informative, program. It was educational and entertaining for the newbies and previous racers alike. At the end of the program we were treated to the unveiling of a brand new frame design as well as the birth of another fat-bike company. The bike is called the "Murphy", named after the place in which it was conceived by Kevin and Aaron. The new brand is called the Minneapolis Bike Co, and will be made right here in the great state of Minnesota. The frame is all carbon and has elevated chain stays. this is an awesome idea since it brings the q-factor back down to a standard, knee-saving width.  
 Next I tried to move to the back room filled with all the bikes, but stopped about every five feet to catch up with friends, it took a good half hour to make it fifty feet. Once inside, I was in fat-bike heaven, the bikes, all the gear, and accessories were packed wall to wall. The back room was nearly twice as big as last year and had lots more to offer in the way of frame bags, multi-colored rims and the latest offerings from 45North.
Vandy tries out a Krampus
 I finally got to throw a leg over a Krampus and take it for a test ride on Hell Track. I'm glad I did, for now I know which size to order.  :)
Wheels... pick your flavor
 Riding the race course was bitter-sweet, for I would not be able to stick around and race that evening. The Freewheel crew did an awesome job, the course was even better than last year with a huge ramp-bridge thingy about eight feet high. The addition of a large wood berm and more jumps made the course action packed.
Dude, what are you looking at?
 I can wait, but I'm looking forward to next year already.
Yours truly, on one of many passes over the ramp. I want one at home.

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