The following is a true story, only the names have been changed, to protect the guilty.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Back in Milwaukee

G Man into the pit
 A couple days before Christmas, Lynn surprised the family with an announcement of a hotel reservation in the proximity of Ray's Indoor Mountain Bike Park in Milwaukee WI. I knew about it a two days before the boys so was already stoked. The boys on the other hand were not that excited... wahhh? They knew it was a long drive and were looking forward to some down time around the house. We had to sweeten the deal by reminding them of the swimming pool at the hotel, and allowing them play their DS games on the entire drive, with no time limits. Yes, like all parents, we had to blackmail them, but it worked :).
That's their mama !

Big "D" and I just chillin' before dropping into the big jumps
 This is our fourth family trip to Ray's, so once we got in the door it was down to business. Everyone gears up and heads to their favorite area. We all warm up on the "sport" section jumps, and skinnies. After that Lynn spends must of the day on the expert jumps. I alternate between the cross country loop and the expert jumps. Both of us take turns checking on the boys who are riding a little bit of everything, and are always asking to accompany them to the foam pit. 
Lynn on the first jump of the exp. line

Super "Y"  The boys have to pedal up the jumps here so it's fun for them and a little scary 
 After seven hours it's time to head home, we are all spent, and fortunately uninjured. I'm not sure if we will make it back again this year but there is a lot of winter left and Lynn is addicted to the place, so there is a good chance it will happen. We really wish we had one here in the twin cities, it's a ton of fun, a really good work out, and a great way to polish or learn new skills.
This is why Lynn and I don't like the pit so much, it's a ton of work getting them out

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