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Thursday, December 6, 2012

Old Skool

To start, we get a short ride on this trolley to the edge of town
 This past weekend, Lynn, my mom, the boys, and I, were kickin' it old skool in Shakopee at The Landing. The Landing was formerly know as Murphy's Landing up until several years ago when Three Rivers Parks took it over and dropped the "Murphy's. I've been to The Landing quite a few times from when I was a kid until now, and I have to say Three Rivers has done a great job making the place better.
The kids learned all kinds of stuff, like getting sticks for a Christmas gift if your naughty

This was a fur trader's out post with lots of cool bush-craft type items 

The boys were put to work hauling wood at several homes
 Normally there aren't quite as many people reenacting the 1840-1890's period that the area represents, but currently they are having "Folkways" for the month of December. All of the buildings were open and warm, with people playing the role of the particular heritage they were representing. It was a lot of fun and took way longer than I had planned for.
No, he's not chasing him with an ax, T\the guy just chopped wood for Big"D" to haul inside

Chickens,we love chickens!

Guns are cool too
 Each house, store, church or school had a fireplace going, and would routinely recruit the boys to help haul in fire wood. Most of the homes had people cooking in them, they smelled so good we were all hungry after visiting only a few.
This woman played the part of the teacher so well I was afraid of her, "G" Man also got in trouble with her .

"G" Man practices an old superstition of floating a walnut boat to tell the future for the coming year.  

Super "Y" has to resist eating the sweets in the Norwegian house 
 If you get the chance I  recommend getting down there with your family and checking it out during the month of December. You could even go with your significant other and call it a date or a learning experience or whatever excuse you like, its well worth the 5 $ entry.
A game of checkers in the mercantile, the stove behind them was awesome.

I wish I had taken more pics of the outside of the  buildings, I guess  you will have to go for yourself and check them out

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