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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Fat-Bike Adventure Ride Update

As of today the route for next weekend's (10 -12-2013) F-B A Ride III is set and ready to go. I've been hard at work with some help from the Mayor to get everything dialed. Why would someone have to get a route ready for and adventure ride you ask ? Because I want to ride more than walk and would also like to keep my eyes from being poked out while doing so. I've been busy moving logs, cutting back buckthorn and other nasty sharp vegetation. This is not a ride at Murphy,Leb or any of the other local trail systems. For the most part, anything off-road will not be on any designated trail that most of you would recognize as MTB routes. There will be some road/bike path riding to link all the shit together. I'm not exactly sure of mileage but I'm guessing in the neighborhood of 35-40. Hope to see a big group this year.... D Rider out  
Log crossing, obviously

Giant swing, time will be spent here for you to push your sweetie

Of course there will be mud 

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