The following is a true story, only the names have been changed, to protect the guilty.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Slick 50

Mr Jansen, saying hello

In case you can't see it, "sweet cheeks"

The Legendary, Mr. Skogen

Lemmy, from "Motor Head" says hello  

Somewhere out near Victoria, regroup break

My ride,Salsa Fargo
I'm not talkin' about that super mystery motor oil from the 90's that claimed you could put in your car engine, run it, and then drain it, and it would run just fine without anything but the coating of the "polymers" only found in Slick 50. I am talking about the ride put together by the infamous Hurl of "Cars R Coffins". After speaking with the man himself, he said the ride has been going on for around ten years, with friends at first, and now topping out at, at least 80. We started out at none other than One on One Bike Studio just before 11am. Every type of bike was there, from all carbon road bikes to something your grandma was riding just a few minutes ago, as this was a ride for anyone. The initial pace was easy, giving way to an all out hammer fest an hour or so into the ride. The riding surface went from bike path, to pavement, to gravel,and finally back to bike path. Some of the group stopped at Pizza Luce' for refreshment and food near the end of the ride. I stopped briefly but was snubbed by the dickhead at the front counter that said I would have to order pizza after I sat down, rather than just pay for a slice and sit down. The waitress was only serving beer so I left. I had a great time on the ride, chatting with lots of friends, getting my ass kicked on the hills, running out of food, bonking, and enjoying the 70 deg + temps on an unseasonably excellent day in March.


  1. Why do you "hate to love" the Fargo?

    1. When I'm climbing with it, it just seems so heavy. As soon as the hill is gone i can't help but think of the places that bike can take me. I really do love it, but sometimes i want to throw it in a river.

  2. Great photos. I didn't do so well on that part.