The following is a true story, only the names have been changed, to protect the guilty.

Monday, March 26, 2012

All Hail the Burley Trailer

This past weekend Super "Y" , two of his friends, Charlie(Jr) and Evan, and their dad's, Charlie (Sr.) and Adam, and myself embarked on our first bike tour. This was a first for all the kids, I'm not sure about the dads. The three of us had bike trailers for our gear, two Burley D'lights and a Fisher Price. We left our cars behind in Fairibault at the trail head for Sakatah Singing Hills Trail at 2:15pm. Our destination was Sakatah Lake State Park, thirteen miles West of Fairibault. The trail surface is paved and for the most part very flat, perfect for three, six year old's on their first camping trip by bike. The weather on Saturday was beautiful, sun, 70 deg, and a light tail wind. I am still amazed it's only march, last year was really cold and we had lots of snow at this time of year. In less than two hours of departing the trail head, we were all set up and chowing down a post ride, late afternoon snack. After lunch we gathered some fire wood for later, and set out on a hike to explore on foot. Later on we tore into dinner, hot dogs, canned beans and chili, cookies, pop, hot chocolate, chips, and s'mores. With the large volume of the trailers we were able to go plush, I even brought my full sized pillow. To our surprise we were not the only ones with the bike camping idea this weekend. Arriving at camp right after us was a dad(Dave) pulling a tag-a-long, pulling a Burley. One kid was on the half-bike and another in the trailer packed tight with gear. Dave spent a couple hours with us shooting the breeze by our fire after all  the the kids went to bed  

Getting ready

Adam and Evan

The big "dare" of the weekend


After dinner snacks. s'mores

My set-up

Grand Finale'

      The next morning was quite a bit cooler than the ride down the day before, around 45 deg. Breakfast was a quick bowl of oatmeal, a cinnamon roll, a Monster for me, and a root beer for "Y". The ride back went pretty well, except that the excitement of going somewhere is gone for the kids and they were cold. Two snack breaks and 13 miles later we were rolling into the parking lot with the sun on our faces planning the next bike-camping trip.


  1. Your good at the Uncle Buck stories. No forest fires, Smokey the Bear would be pleased.

  2. Thanks for setting up a memorable trip for the boys. They had a blast. -Carrie