The following is a true story, only the names have been changed, to protect the guilty.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

When the Cat's Away..................

.............The mice will play.
     Lynn (aka mom, aka my wife) went to Ray's indoor MTB for the free women's weekend. There were a bunch of pro's giving advice and lots of free swag and food. She learned a bunch of new skills and mastered the intermediate jump line. Yeah Lynn!
This was our first ride of the year 

We are always looking for cool rocks, Super Y  found this nice agate

Suday we went down to Falls Creek in Fairibault

bottom of an old silo

My Bro and "Big D"
Super Y builds effigy to himself

      What this means for us (me and the boys) is staying up late, eating every meal out, cake for breakfast, pop with every meal, wearing the same clothes for two days, not washing our hands, and riding our bikes or exploring the rest of the time. We even caught a movie at a theater. I also taught them the fine art of gas station dinning, you can find everything you need for a wholesome meal at Kwik Trip.  All in all it was an excellent weekend, no one got hurt or sick and the house was all cleaned up by the time Lynn got home.


  1. Nice work. Uncle Buck would be proud. Cept he let the kids smoke cigs. That dont fly these days.

  2. Something to be said for getting the kids "out there!!"
    Nicely done!!