The following is a true story, only the names have been changed, to protect the guilty.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Gentleman's Ride

"The Man" telling us whats up before the start

Pete and Chuker  about 10 miles in

 about a mile before Forestville SP

Pete, Mark, D.R., Chuk

What a great day for a long ride! I had my doubts about the weather on the car ride down to the start, lots of fog, 47 deg., and a little bit of mist in the air. It didn't last long and the sun was soon shinning. The nice pace and a few climbs early in the ride and I was nice and warm. This year was the same team as last year, with one guy dropping out last minute, Mark V was back on board for another hundo. Also back for more was the Chucker and Pete S. The initial pace of the ride (race) was pretty laid back, but judging by the group of the 4-5 teams and some fast solo guys up front,  I knew it wouldn't last long. At around 35 miles the Revolution guys stepped it up just a little bit and were off. We didn't care, we were there to ride and have fun and sort of race. This led to a more relaxing  ride even though we were still haulin'. The stop at Forestville was my favorite, I would have been perfectly content to sit in the warm sun on the boardwalk in front of the Mehgan store for the rest of the day sipping Coke. We rode mostly by ourselves the last half. We got passed by a lone single speeder while changing a flat, rode with some dude who eventually went off the front with one of our guys and got lost,and picked up a straggler who was lost and worn out. All in all it was an excellent day, I felt better and finished feeling stronger than last year and I was happy to finally get my long distance ridding mojo back.   Finish time 4:03 pm  4th place (I think)      Actual ride time 6:25.  Thank You   Chris Skogen, Chris Skogen's wife, my wife and my kids.

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