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Friday, September 16, 2011

Off Early

 big jump

Not sure what this does or is, but it's f@#ked up now

 I'm never sure if I'll find something cool or perhaps a dead body. I've been close to getting my ass kicked by homeless people while exploring trails such as this. 

The scene here would have been much better if it wasn't all shitted up with trash
I got to leave work a little early today,Noon. Instead of wasting my free time watching TV or doing house work I decided to go kayak/ride. I headed home (via bike, the long way) to grab my boat, a different bike, and some snacks (Monster and trail mix). I chose to do the section of the Minnesota river from Shakopee to the old Bloomington Ferry Bridge. The river was much like a lot of the sections I've been paddling lately,wild. The river seems quite remote and uncontrollable. Last week I paddled upriver to Carver from Chaska and the Train bridge crossing the river was laying in the river next to a huge log jam which I'm guessing pushed it over. The highlight of today's trip came when I started the shuttle ride back to get my van. I stumbled upon a trail along the river which led me past an old stone building and terminated at a large dirt jumping area. I'd like to go back and give the jumps a try. Some of the jumps are reasonable while others are way out of my comfort range but I'm sure I will get hurt on even the small stuff. I also have to ask my wife if I can borrow her dirt jumper.    

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