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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Heck of the North 2011

The Man 
My favorite pic, Mc Fadden

Ek doesn't know me but I got a good pic of him 
  The Heck is my favorite gravel race of the year. It's also the hardest to prepare for, with it being so late in the year. By now I've ridden all summer and  I'm looking to take some time off. Not this year, I was such an unmotivated puss all spring , I quit the Rag and Almonzo and didn't even show up for the Chequmegon 100 or the Dirty B. I started coming around late in the year(August) with two top ten finishes at Thursday night at Buck and some good elapsed times at Murphy TT. I know these are short races but some really fast dudes show up and it was a  strong motivator for fat ass like myself. The Gentleman's ride two weeks ago was perfect and gave me some good training for the Heck. Although I didn't finish really well at the Heck (17 th  6:08) I didn't come in dragging ass, I felt really strong the last 10-12 miles and did not have to walk Pleasant view.

The riding is only part of why the Heck is my favorite. The terrain is beautiful, I really love going to Duluth, I wish I could live there. The people are awesome, I enjoy riding with the DBD guys and talking about Arrrowhead, riding with some of my old buddies and meeting new people that are also drawn to this odd form of cycling punishment. I really like the party at Big buff's house. Thanks Liz and Jason.

Big Thanks to Mr Kershaw  and all the volunteers

1 comment:

  1. The northland Is a hard place to leave!!?? Lol
    I left for awhile, but could think of no better place to raise a family!!

    I rode the inaugural running of the Heck.
    One thing I didn't know was how fast you gravel boys are!!
    I knew I was in trouble, when at the start, I hear... "dude, you're riding the Heck on a full squishy??!! awesome!!" I think the guy was messing with me, but I have a good sense of humor. I think......
    Anyway, 10 hours later I finished up, non the worse for wear, thank you very much, and Mr. Warren Zevon and myself are on a first name basis ever since; Splendid Isolation!!!
    All in all, the gravel scene has restored my faith in the small guy races that are out there.
    Maybe next year I'll throw my hat back in the Heck and pedal the Pugs for Pugs sake!!

    Peace, Joe