The following is a true story, only the names have been changed, to protect the guilty.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Sakatah Revisited

 A few years back I took my middle son Super Y,along with his friends and mine,on an overnight bike trip on the Sakatah Trail near Faribault MN. My other two boys wanted "in" on the trip but they would have to wait. Finally it worked out, and the four of us were packed up and rolling toward the campground on a Saturday afternoon.
Got to see someone being airlifted on the ride out to camp 

DIY aluminum trailer built about 15 years ago, used on one trip to Canada, mothballed 15 and half years ago.

The campsite for cyclist at Sakatah State Park 
  Last time, to haul a large amount of gear I took the Burley trailer, this time I used my array of Revelate bags and  my old DIY aluminum single wheeled trailer, coupled to my Surly (1X1) 1X9. Luckily the ride was short,since we got a late start we arrived just before dark with enough time to gather some fire wood and set camp. Dinner was bratwurst, with sugary drinks and treats.

  It rained that night and was done just before we wanted to get up and rolling (9ish). A quick breakfast was had and we were packed and on the trail. Although the ride and camp-out were relaxed and straight forward it's a great to get out and have some fun afield with my boys.
Throwing sticks and logs in the river is a must

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