The following is a true story, only the names have been changed, to protect the guilty.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Urban Camp-Out

 Recently........ a few Imperialists and myself, got together for an overnight, urban camp-out in the great city of Lavender Town.
Break...hiding his bike in the mouth of the cave


It's an urban we rode through urban areas
  We gathered less than ten miles from the actual camping spot but rode around for a couple hours to make the riding portion legit. On our way we stopped off at a cave to do a little exploring, upping the ante of our in town adventure.
bikes represented....Krampus, Cross-bike, the Moonlander 

home sweet home ....for the night

 .A little after 7pm we arrived at our destination and set camp. The area chosen was in a beautiful setting next to river, but filled with junk, some of which was very useful. Looking past the sea of pop bottles and other items that floated in, the amenities included a picnic table, garbage can, stone fire ring, table and chairs, as well as a viewing platform ( a couple boards nailed up in a tree).
Early morning view from my tent 

AF's tarp tent...fully enclosed , made from one 10x10 tarp , a stick, some small rocks and some twine....super awesome!

Apparently our camp ground is called "Peaceful Plaza"
 With all that it sounds like a state park camp wasn't. It was merely a bunch of shit someone probably rolled down the embankment and then gathered up to make an improvised other words.......It was perfect. The four of us stay up way past our bed-times and B.S.ed around the fire telling stories and cooking. In the morning we broke camp early skipped breakfast and bid farewell.
I like to sleep in on a Saturday , but seeing the water like glass was totally worth getting up early 

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