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Thursday, November 13, 2014

Off Highway Motorcycle

We rode about 45 miles this day..G Man had at least 10 more than the rest of us by doing laps around the parking area 
 After our family trip with the moto-bikes, I was kind of on a roll and wanted to keep it going with multiple trips up to the same area. I had just gotten my bike out of the garage and was feeling good about twisting a throttle after a couple years of mothballing it.  G Man had just gotten his OHM youth training out of the way and had a new bike. I wanted to get him out and do some real riding before the trails closed for the year and/or the weather got nasty.


A little deeper than he thought 

This was nice and clean
  My friends, Best in Schow, and Vandy just got their Yamaha Big Wheels trail worthy so it took very little arm twisting to get them to take a day off of work to go ride. G Man was excited to get a day off of school as well. We choose Wednesday, which turned out to be a fantastic, warm, sunny day in October.  So, with all the bikes loaded up early in the morning we headed north to Nemadji State Forest. that a hand gun on the table?

I don't really like taking pics of food but this was soooooo   good
 There are many single track,two track, and fast, open roads up there to get lost on. I've been there  a half a dozen times, but still can't make any sort of judgment as to where I am once I get going. Not knowing your way around up there just means you may have to ride longer, which is not a problem when all you have to do is twist the throttle. Our group of four spent the first part of the day on some twisty, rough single track, and then backtracked all of it to try and find a lost GPS unit. We never found it, but ended up back at the vehicles around 1PM to cook some lunch.
Best in Schow

  The second half of the day was much less technical and fast. We hit mostly the two track 4-wheeler trails and the logging roads. We all had a ton of fun and G Man proved himself a worthy rider. I was very impressed with his ability and thrilled that I could do something this awesome with my oldest son. It was one of those times that I thought would never be a reality while changing diapers and feeding him that nasty stuff out of a baby food jar. I've had a lot of these kinds of moments with all of my boys, they are growing into some fine young adventurers and I am grateful to be experiencing all of it with them. I was fun to ride with my homies as well, even though one of those big wheels nearly broke my ankle.
Motorcycle Gang 

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