The following is a true story, only the names have been changed, to protect the guilty.

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Dirt Bikes and Firearms

Beautiful fall day
 As the title suggests.... Mid October, the family van was headed north with five dirt bikes and as many guns. My dad has a small retreat, comfortably suitable for two on 10 acres but we would jam five of us into the little cabin. On the plus side, it's clean, bug free, heated and we can cook in it.....perfect!  We don't go there very often so when we arrived it was nice to see the building was still there.

G man's new bike ...Thanks StCroixTroy 

I got these squirrel targets for Super Y..he hates squirrels since one tried to kill him a few years ago with the Plague 

 We didn't have any big plans for the weekend except to mess around on the bikes, shoot some guns and eat. We arrived on Friday night.... late ,with the only concrete goal for the next day to sleep-in. After breakfast I unloaded the the bikes and we all messed around trying to wear-in some trails by repeated passes. The terrain is so rough up there we didn't get too far but enjoyed it none the less.
loading the clip 

This kicks way harder than the 22 and it's too long for him, so he got an assist 
  Later in the afternoon we got the guns out and shot off about 150 rounds with the 22's. These are so scarce now I didn't want to use much more than that. We also had a couple pellet guns and one single shot 20ga that was my first gun at the age of 13. Although this one kicks much more noticeably, the kids liked it the most because it shows way more damage when a target is hit.
you lookin at me ?   sucka 

 The next day we all slept in again, ate and packed up early. Nearby, in the town of Moose Lake are the Soo Pits, an off-road motorized playground. G Man just got himself a DR-Z 110 the week before, passed his OHM (off hiway motorcycle) safety test, and was itching to really test it out. Up until now, the boys have only been able to ride in the yard at home. This is fun and all, but very small in relation to the range the motorcycle can cover. The two younger brothers , Super Y and Big D have not gotten their safety certificates to ride public land and their bikes are not legal since they are cheap pieces of junk from china, and don't have spark arrestors, so they had to sit this portion out.

Soo Pits

  Lynn was also out riding in the pits with her TTR 125, it was good to see her using the bike, it has barley seen the light of day from the back of the garage since we had kids. We messed around for a couple hours and packed up, grabbed a nice late lunch in town and headed home....... Brrrrap
Super Y and Big D occupied their time with agate hunting at the pits 

I told him to go through the mud...kept it clean instead 
   P.S.... this is the last time you will ever see brrrapp used again on this blog.  2 stroke dirt bikes make that sound, mountain bikes do not.


  1. It's okay to braaaap once in awhile. Diversity is the spice of life.

  2. Good times! G-man looks right at home on his new wheels.

  3. yes Troy he loves it...

    Sam your right about diversity....Brapping is cool but I've seen plenty of it written and don't want to contribute to it :-)

  4. Ok, keep it to one braaapppp post for every 25 bike posts and you should be good.