The following is a true story, only the names have been changed, to protect the guilty.

Sunday, November 30, 2014

All Terrain Vehicle

I love my silent sports as much as the next person, but I have no hang-ups grabbing hold of the handlebars of a motorized vehicle. In the early fall my youngest son Big D, and two other friends did an ATV trip on the north shore of Lake Superior.    Note: pics are out of chronological  order....sorry
Schtave' stuck ...Soo Pits

Lunch at the pits

End of the line
  We started near Finland, making use of the Moose Run ,Moose Walk , and Red Top Trails. We were very fortunate to have good weather the first day of riding, cold and rain are not ideal. Our plan was to ride all day, grab some food in Silver Bay and be back to camp with enough time for dinner and a campfire.
Almost got suck here a couple years ago when the water was higher



A long day on the trails

Red Top Trail overlooking Lake Superior 

  Long ago (2007) when my oldest boy was about five, he and I did a similar trip as father and son. We didn't do too much riding, so I was excited to see how much trail the area had to offer. Having a couple others along was key to have a better time...... more people= more fun. We had a fantastic day covering a little more than 90 miles with out doing too much of the same trail twice. We got back around dark and had lots of time to chill out at camp ,eat, and stay warm by the fire.
Bean Lake 

Near Silver Bay

Slick rock ?


No.....he's not going to drive his own 4-wheeler

 .The next day the weather was looking cloudy and was forecast for rain. Since we had already ridden pretty much everything we wanted too, we decided to head south to Moose Lake. This would not only give us a chance to ride more ,but it would get us a little closer to home so the final push would be shorter. We started out with the Soo Pits and moved on to the Soo Line Trail headed south. Our furthest point was where the Soo Line crossed the Kettle River. We took a short ride to the banks and headed back to the pits for more fun.
1st stop along the trail

Lunch in Silver Bay....Gas station fare 

De-rocker's mojo 

This hill is waaayyy steeper than it looks

     Big D and myself had an excellent time four-wheeling with our friends Schtave' and De-Rocker. Unfortunately my boys are getting too big to ride on the wheeler with me, so it may be the last trip of it's kind...

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  1. Are these simialr to the trails we rode at Gravel Conspiracy?