The following is a true story, only the names have been changed, to protect the guilty.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Kettle River Sampler

Coffee...check    Monster....check
We're all good
 Sometimes I feel guilty about not using certain items in my collection of gear. Most recently it's been the pack-raft, I love this thing. The summer was so busy with all sorts of other fun stuff that I really didn't get out on it(except 1 time that was freakin' awesome..... I'll write about that later).

I never get tired of seeing a bike strapped on my raft, although it paddles much better without it

 So........When ArcFlash and myself were making plans for the Winter Camping Symposium we decided to throw the rafts in the van so we could use them on Sunday before returning home. Very close to the spot we camped for the weekend was the Kettle River. I've never been on the river but have heard scary stories about the Devil's Kettle and other dangerous rapids running through Banning State Park. The six mile section we choose was miles north of Banning, had no rapids and was close to the Munger Trail that we would use to get back to our vehicle. Just a little south was a temping section that listed many class 1 and 2 rapids.

We risked all.......and won !

Stopped to check out an abandoned building....some call this Urban X, except this is far from an urban setting 
  Since the water was cold, and I didn't have my dry-suit we stuck to the easy flat water. The river level was low and we would be carrying bikes so I'm sure it would not have been as much fun as it would be in the spring or after a heavy rain.  It took us about two hours to get back on land after we shoved off. The short trip was on a very nice fall day and was a good way to round off the weekend



  1. A pack raft is going to be my next big gear purchase. Did you have custom lash points added for your bike or are the standard lash points OK? Thanks!

  2. Yes I had the lash points installed... When I ordered it I told them what bike I would be using (pugsley) and the size. If you want to save the money you could forgo the custom points but if you want them later it will be a hassle to send it back and the shipping may make it cheaper in the long run to just do it now. GET a PackRaft will not regret it