The following is a true story, only the names have been changed, to protect the guilty.

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Fat Bike Adventure Ride 2013 Report

With the Fat-Bike A R a week behind me I thought it was about time to get some photos posted along with  a few words. For the third installment of the F-B A.R. we had 14 riders show up to give their bikes and bodies a good thrashing.
The top of a parking ramp is the best spot for the beginning of a ride

Not far from the start we are already getting wet

looks safe

Bike shoes and slippery logs don't mix well
 . This year we saw the return of several guys from the original group but the rest were all newbies. I was sad not to see some of the guys I have become friends with because of this ride, but welcomed the chance to meet some new faces.  The weather was a lot better than last year and a few really wet spots were taken out of the route so the bikes didn't get as muddy as they could have.

tunnel entrance

tunnel exit

About 30$ grand hanging on the fence

Creek  # 2
  This year we covered a lot more ground as I wanted it to be more about riding with the challenges spaced further out along the route. The ride was long enough this year that we had to skip a couple sections due to time constraints. It's not like we really had a time limit, but when you start creeping up on the six hour mark most people have had enough.....including myself.

Creek #3

Infamous mud hole 

Getting closer to the city

  At this point I'm not sure there will be a Fat-Bike Adventure Ride  #4, unless I come up with a whole new route.  I don't want to things to get stale, there is only so much you can do to keep it fresh.
15 minute train ride back to the start


  1. Looks freaking fantastic. I wish I could have come up from Northfield for it this year! Maybe next?