The following is a true story, only the names have been changed, to protect the guilty.

Friday, March 29, 2013


As kids we are all told not to talk to strangers. As an adult, talking to strangers has led me to many free places to stay, meals, car rides, a guided multi-pitch rock climb in the Needles, lots of useful info and an adventure like the one I did today.

Urban X Guy
 Plans for A.F. and I to go packrafting mid-day were scrapped on account of rain and strong winds. Instead of leaving work early I decided to stay and make some money, until I popped my head outside and realized the clouds had cleared out and it was nice and sunny. I was out of there in a flash. The wind was still whipping pretty good so the packraft was out of the question as a solo endeavor in ice cold water. I decided to go check out something that was on my "list" for quite some time.

Aftermath of a hard night of partying 
 I stepped into my magical, space-time warp-transporter and arrived in Mahogany Town ready for some urban X. When I reached my destination I was greeted by a strong aroma and three people taking long pulls off of a giant spliff. On the ground beside them were knee pads and and gloves. As I approached they were startled and put on the best acting display they could muster, until I told them I was here to check out the same underground they had obviously just come from. They let down their guard, started chatting and freely passed their torch amongst one another like it was some amazing thing to behold.    
       For the record, I neither drink or do any drugs, my family and friends can attest to this. I don't condone drug use but have added it to the story to give a better understanding to the scene unfolding before me. I was comical to say the least.         
Old Schwinn 
 While making small talk,comparing notes and exchanging beta (info), four more people from the same above ground group came from below. After a few minutes of getting to know one another, one of the guys said he was going back in alone. I agreed to accompany him as long as his other friend would stay topside and watch my bike. This plan could end in me getting shanked or clubbed, my bike stolen, or I having a really good time. As the Law of Attraction would have it, I had a really good time. I wasn't super worried about the bike since I have, like Napoeon Dynamite, an infinity of them, or the the guy I went in with since he was so stoned he needed me more than I needed him.  When we came back out about forty minutes later everyone was gone except the guy and my bike. And just like that, a stranger became a phone number with the name Urban X Guy in my contact list.