The following is a true story, only the names have been changed, to protect the guilty.

Sunday, March 31, 2013

Signs of Spring

It's definitely been a long winter around these parts, but the cold and snow are finally starting to give way to warmer weather. On Saturday the morning started out cold and rainy. By noon the rain stopped, it was warm, and A.F. and I were out on the Mississippi with our packrafts.

getting prepped 

too much current and shallow water to go much further 
 It's been since last fall that I actually inflated the raft and used it, so I was excited to be out. The stretch of water we explored was between the two lock and dams with Minneaplois and St Paul on either side of the river. I've been down there once before on a kayak but didn't notice as much of the little bits of trash floating in the water. It was truly disgusting. We surmised it was from all the run-off of the spring thaw. It's such a beautiful place between the two bluffs it's sad to see the water all shitted up with garbage.
Lake Street (MPLS) on one end, Marshall Ave (StPaul)on the other


This isn't working
 When we could, we paddled into some of the drains along our route. The water moves so fast that forward movement is difficult. This, combined with the fact that we are floating in frigid water, on single wall "balloons",  scraping along rough concrete, forces us to rethink the idea. We decide to stay out of the drains and come back with the plastic boats at a later date.

No gloves, light jacket,    Yeahh
 As the day went on, the weather just got better. On my way home from the rafting I called ahead to see if any of the family would like to go for a bike ride. Big "D" and Super Y were all in. "G" Man was not feeling well and already had his workout in for the day at gymnastics, Lynn was not feeling well either so it worked out OK for the two of them.The three of us headed for a nearby bike path that we all know very well.
I think your feet are wet now

There's always time to throw rocks in the water
 As they have gotten older, we've been able to cover more ground with each ride. Their first time out for the year, they logged a little over eight miles with no complaining, and at a good pace. Lots of water over the trail kept it interesting and fun. Big D has moved up to a larger bike and mastered the rear hand brake, I will be buying many back tires in the future. Super Y is really good at skidding too, and will be in need of a rear tire very soon. The ride was followed up by a movie, at a real movie theater with the whole family, rounding out a really fantastic day.


  1. damn your willing to take a raft up that insanely stinky sewage pipe near the lake street bridge? I almost bought a house on the river near the place but glad i didn't because of the stench 70% of the year. Have fun with that!


  2. nice to see you teaching them young!