The following is a true story, only the names have been changed, to protect the guilty.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Man Trip, Final Day

antlered angel 
 The final day of any trip is always bitter-sweet,  a little more time to play with the deadline of going back to real life just ahead. I like to make the most of my last days by using them up and getting home as late as possible. What do I need to rest up for, work? I would rather have a good time all day and go in completely fried, that's what caffeine is for right.
This is much easier to follow than last night

this is the hole that had me freaked out the night before

this is where we "hid" our bikes when we transitioned to snow shoes. 
 On out final day we had the task of hiking and riding out from the cabin we had stayed in the night before. It was a beautiful day with lots of sun. The hike was much quicker due to easy navigation and a firmly packed trail from the night before. The ride was about the same but seemed to travel more up hill,but conditions were perfect and fast.
almost ready to roll out

 It was about mid-day when we got everything packed back into the vehicles and back within cell phone range. A text message from both AF and my wife indicated a substantial snowstorm was on the way to the Twin Cities and we had better get back home ASAP. A.F. and I decided to scrap our idea of getting out in the pack-rafts however brief it might have been. I had one more adventure up my sleeve that I thought we could get in before it got too late.
Is this safe ?

This is definitely safe

If you know the north shore, here is your clue as to which river we were on
 Vandy and The Legend decide to bail, citing exhaustion. It would be just A.F., EP and myself for one more river ride. This turned out to be the best conditions I have ever been able to ride on any river on the north shore. The conditions were so good we got to ride much further than previous years, and with almost no walking. It was fat-bike heaven! The ride went much longer than I had anticipated, but was well worth the risk of driving home in a snowstorm. I arrived home around 9pm. Mother nature held off on the snow until around mid-night thankfully.

So concludes the story of Man Trip 2013. Thanks guys, lets do it again next year.

 Others welcome in 2014, please include resume' and references..........D Rider out  

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