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Monday, May 28, 2012

Utah, Miscellaneous

I know I've written a lot about my trip to Utah, but Steve and I had such a great time out there I wanted to write about everything we did. I felt that if I bunched it all up into one post it would diminish how awesome each day's adventure was, maybe I'm just a wind bag too. To save you from reading more I'll just post some pics with captions.  Here is a vid of Steve and I in the White Canyon
This is Steve in Fry Canyon. We did this canyon just before heading back to Moab and then home. Fry canyon had really nice slots in a couple sections and some short swims right away. 

For a first timer, Fry Canyon would be great, it's got narrow slots , two raps, ruins,and it only takes a few hours to complete. Sorry I didn't take any pics of the ruins, I had only my crappy waterproof camera.

This guy was not so lucky

Final night in Moab, balanced rock in Arches National Park

The original plan for the super trip was to bring kayaks and paddle Lake Powell for a couple days. We did not bring them. This road however,lead me to the shore of the lake at the end of White Canyon. I did this ride on the evening of the day we did the Black Hole.

There was supposed to be a boat launch around here somewhere. With the water being at  an extremely low level,  I rode the wash out to the lake

Rode dried riverbed for about a mile.

This is Lake Powell, I pictured clear blue water. This was muddy and stinky, but the birds sure liked it. I'm sure the main body of the lake is clear and beautiful, but not at the end of a tributary like this. I'll just have to plan another trip back out there to find out. Dang it!

The ride back was awesome as the sun set. I had my headlamp for the last couple miles of the ride

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  1. Trip looks awesome. You got some great pics out there!