The following is a true story, only the names have been changed, to protect the guilty.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Fat Bike Adventure Ride

I've put together a nice route to test the limits of bike and rider for this coming weekend. The ride will leave at 10am from Black Dog rd under the Cedar bridge in Eagan and head east to a network of trails and natural features. Plan on being gone 4-5 hours. Plan accordingly for water and snacks. We will be riding sand dunes, creek beds ,swampland, boulder fields, and past hobo camps. You will get your feet wet so don't say I didn't warn you not to wear your nice bike shoes. We will ride in water up to your hubs! Your bike should be a "fat bike", Larrys or Nates would be best Endomorphs might be a little tricky in some spots. Sorry no skinny 2.1" will make it. Everyone with a fat bike and a good attitude is welcome and will not be dropped (unless you are really, freakishly slow. That means you Chazz). No kooks. Dress in earth tones. This is a baggy shorts type of ride,leave the skin suit at home. Hope to see you on Sat. Oct 15  10am  under Cedar bridge (hwy77) south side of the river.


  1. Hey Josh, looks like you are up to some exciting times. I lost your email somewhere along the way. Send me a line at ryanchrissym at yahoo dot com. Just got back from a sweet 40 mile ride between angel fire and Taos!

    Ryan Martin

  2. This sounds like a splendid FatBike adventure!!
    Hope you have a nice group joining you!!


  3. Sounds cool man, but be up north runnin' same day

    let's hook up this Fall sometime for a fatty ride.

  4. Gonna try to show up with my Pugsley. Where is a good place to park?