The following is a true story, only the names have been changed, to protect the guilty.

Friday, February 24, 2017

Winter Kayaking

Kayaking should't be reserved just for summer months. The clash between a typically warm weather activity and a season appropriate for snowball fights is surreal.

 I did two day trips down semi local rivers in early winter. The first was on the Straight River near Faribault, with ArcFlash and Thor. The second, on the Cannon right out of Cannon Falls. Unfortunately, by the time we got on the Straight, most of the snow was melted. On the upside the river was up and moving pretty quick, a fact that adds to the excitement and strong urge not to dump your boat.

A hot meal out-doors is the best


The banks of the Cannon however were fully draped in fresh snow and gave us the effect of true winter paddling we were looking for. Fancy would be the only one joining me on the Cannon since everybody else I know was out fat-biking in the new snow, I think it was global fat-bike day too. Both trips down river were a ton of fun and included a mid-way stop for lunch....... and no one dumped their boat.
getting set up for real winter kayaking 

Fancy hitting some chop right out of the gate 

 Soon after these early winter kayak rides, things got cold and shut down any other rivers I might have considered. Things are opening up again as I write...I'll be out soon
hot meal...again

not normally what you see on the end of your paddle

D Rider..........................out    

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  1. Amazing what that ice on the end of your paddles does to the forearms.