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Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Prospector Loop

This isn't the way I like to start a ride
 Last fall  GMan and I set out for a dirt bike ride on a newly opened trail system in northern Minnesota...The Prospector Loop.
Water is always fun to ride in 

Bike killed in the deep water

mid-way...time for a snack and a little break 
   I knew not of it's existence until just the week before, while riding the Gravel Conspiracy. With fall coming to an end and all the trails set to close, I knew it would have to happen fast so a last minute weekend trip was in order. The trail, based on what we rode and what is on the map, is primarily forest trails and roads. I'm cool with that since it means I can ride my non street legal dirt bike on a designated OHM trail as well as my kids with an OHM safety certificate.
hang on 

more water....learned how to feather it a bit and keep it running

This is a beaver dam right across the road....saw three spots like this on our route
 The day started with a flat tire on my bike, I changed the tube twice after puncturing the first one and then patching it with a kit from a gas station. this cut into our riding time a bit but we still had fun and manged a little over 50 miles. We're both excited to get back out there in the spring with the rest of our crew...SuperY, BigD and Mom. The boy's just need their OHM safety cert and I'll buy them some bikes.

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