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Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Filthy 50

 Filthy 50......x3.  I've done the Filthy 50 three times now but have not shared the story about the free gravel event in Stewartville MN....... I just ran out of time to post it when it might be relevant.
My Homies      Vandy,Triumph, The Mayor, and Best in Schow was super dusty this following a car, dusty
 As the name suggests it's roughly 50 miles and is a gravel race/ride in southern Minnesota. Although it's half as long as the typical 100 mile standard that most gravel events consist of, it's far from least at the front of the pack. Fifty miles just means you go way harder and don't need to pace yourself for a 5-6 hour event.
The bridge. The first two years the bridge next to it was not there

New coat of dust for my old wagon

Filthy 50, 2014....much colder than 2015....rode with V for most of it
   In all three races I went out hard with the lead group which then typically splinters into numerous smaller groups. I usually end up in the second or third of these smaller packs. Things fell apart for me in the latest installment of the Filthy, and I found myself taking a break just beyond the halfway point, located on an old bridge. The bridge and a downhill section entering a steep valley are the two most scenic spots of the route (IMO). The cliff lined valley comes too soon in the course to stop and admire so the logical choice is to stop at the bridge.....besides that they had soda,beer,and food.
Start of Filthy 50, 2013. Trenton giving last minute words

Stopped briefly to wait for a friend and snap some pics.

The friend I was waiting for.....Pat Sorensen of Penn Cycle
 The rest is pretty typical of gravel events.. ride hard, get covered in dust, ride with your friends, make some new friends, and have fun.  Do yourself a favor and get to the Filthy 50 next fall...........I'll see ya there

D Rider...........out
The bridge the way it used to look without a concrete eye-sore next to free drinks or snacks though 

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