The following is a true story, only the names have been changed, to protect the guilty.

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Field Test

Checking out OD's lever action
 After completing my bicycle gun mount project I needed a proper test run. A couple of the guys in our regular crew were interested in going but failed to have their mounts ready, or a free weekend.
Go fix a couple sandwiches for the ride 

Super Y's Mini-Sota 
 Super Y and OD made up our group of three for the the small game hunt test run. This would be short overnight trip making use of my dad's small cabin near Sturgeon Lake. After a hectic Friday night the three of us slept in and got rolling long after the crack of dawn. It was a beautiful day and weather or not we saw or shot anything really didn't matter....we were all riding our fat-bikes and having a good time.
OD.....        Note: 45 cal pistol attached via zip ties to fork leg 

to my happiness....gun did not interfere with steering or even come close to knocking out my teeth on any of the terrain covered that day 

  We left directly from the cabin and made use of an ATV trail to get to the spot in the woods I had scoped out the previous year. Super Y wasn't real fast and the excitement level was no where near what he was hoping for, so we stopped and shot the guns to break things up a little. During our half day endeavor we saw nothing and only heard one grouse flush while we weren't paying attention. It would have been nice to get just one bird but I was happy with the outing anyway.

didn't get enough speed going into the mud hole to  make it...on the other hand he didn't fall in or get wet 

 The gun mount worked fantastic and I got to take my son hunting for the first time with one of my pals. After the ride, OD had  to head out, so Y and I tried one more time hunting on foot with no success. Eventually, if he's still interested, I'll build Y a gun mount, until then he'll have to tag along and learn the ropes of hunting, safety, and etiquette.
Yo Y........this is where YOU have to go to the bathroom

Y was allowed to carry a bolt action 22 ( a gun I got at about age 14).....unloaded , but with a clip 

No.....we are not hunting snakes........unless we get really hungry 


  1. Curious why you went with the vertical holster over the existing 4 wheeler style horizontal handlebar mount? Been wanting to find a way to carry myself, but thought the horizontal style would work better.

  2. I don't like the idea of getting the front end too wide.. Vertical mount allows me to still get down narrow trails and ride the bike like a true mountain bike.