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Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Winter Camping Symposium 2015

The Scene 
 The 17th annual Winter Camping Symposium 2015 wrapped up just over a week ago, and was my second time in attendance. I had such a good time the previous year I brought my kids with me to see what it was all about.

Climbing wall on -site for the kiddos

If you don't see any other seminars all MUST see anything put on by Brian of Muskrat Metal Works... He will have you rolling with laughter. If he quit his day job, I'm certain he would make it as a stand-up comedian  
  My youngest two were enrolled in the kids camp specifically meant for them. At a very reasonable rate, it was a no brainer. They got to do a whole bunch of things geared more toward their interests, while my older son and I enjoyed a less hectic learning atmosphere. Like last year, a majority of the people stayed in hot tents, mixed among them where conventional dome tents. On the outer fringe of camp, in a pine grove, a contingent of hammock enthusiasts had their own little area that they took over. Having my son with me and not wanting him to get too bored, I took in less seminars as last year. Instead we spent our time strolling around camp and seeing what others were up to, most of our time evolved BSing with friends.
ArcFlash's tent .....single pole pyramid made from bed sheets 

Best part of the weekend.....I didn't have to cook any meals 

Entertainment near the camp fire on Saturday night 
  G man was very excited to spend some time with a group watching and learning from a blacksmith. He got to participate a little and now is looking on craigslist for his own equipment. From there, I took in another seminar while G man built fires outside.  As the day went on, the two of us checked in on the "buddies" ( Super Y and Big D) who were having a fantastic time playing and making new friends.
later in the night some of the drunk guys, as well as my son gave this a try

The yurt behind my tent was my favorite of the weekend. It's owned by my friend "craigslist" and was set up just like a cabin. I should have gotten a pick but the inside had carpet, an electric cooler, cots, and  a table, as well as a table lamp.    I may have to build one 

I had a great weekend , but I think the kids had more fun than I did
  As the evening approached we had dinner in the main hall and moved outside to gather around the large community fire ring. We stayed up way too late talking with friends and went to bed too tired to get a fire made in our own tent. It wasn't very cold anyway, but since I set it all up we at least wanted to use it. Sunday morning things wrapped up early and the four of us were rolling out by about 11am.  We all had a great time and look forward to the 18th Winter Camping Symposium.
At the gear swap, G-man bought this battery powered, fan/blower wood cooking stove and was giving it a good test run by cooking us some lunch 

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