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Monday, April 6, 2015


First ride...what better place than the riverbottoms?
 A couple yeras ago I sold off my first generation Moonlander. I did this to fund a Krampus and I didn't really love the bike. It wasn't long before I was pining for those big fat tires once again. My previous Moonlander was a medium and was to too short in the cockpit. That required a long ass stem and like three feet of seat post. The crank-set's q factor is too wide for my knees which was the tipping point for it's sale. Also the build on the stock "Lander" pretty much sucks and is really heavy...namely the crankset,which is like one of those big chunks of billet aluminum that no body ever bothered to machine down to make it light..

Already took it out on it's first camp-out too
  For my current build, I scored a brand new 20"frame/fork sometime in August, that was frame saver-ed as well as the head tube and BB faced and tapped. The rest of it came together from the local bike swap in February, like old Juicy Ultimate brakes, a brand new 40 dollar big fat larry, a brand new  E 13 crank and BB ,for 40 bucks, a saddle for 20, and on and on. I also robbed some stuff off of my other bikes. The thing that really makes the Moonlander swell is the use of the E13 fatbike crank in the 100mm version. It only has about 3-4 mm of clearance from the chainstays, but it does not touch. I've been beating the piss out of it for the last week and a half and I have not been able to get the crank arms to strike the stays....I'm happy with the "regular" fat-bike q factor and so are my knees. This bike is the shit.

The following photos are fond memories of my old "Moonie"
Moonlanders float really well but I'm not doing this least for a while

Lake Superior


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