The following is a true story, only the names have been changed, to protect the guilty.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Twin Cities 100

The Twin Cities 100, now in it's second year just went down the first weekend in September. As the name describes, it's in the Twin Cities (MN) and it's 100's also FREE !The well planned route uses primarily the massive bike path system throughout Minneapolis and St Paul, and extends to the west around Lake Minnetonka.
Headquarters...early start at 7:30 am 

headed out down the Greenway 

Into St Paul down Shepard Rd
  The route was also broken up into three sections all stating from, and returning to, the Lake Harriet band shell in the heart of The City of Lakes. At the Start/End point riders had stashes of food, clothing, and gear all attended by a volunteer so it wouldn't "walk-off". Round one was approximately 36 miles and took us into St Paul and back. Round two was just over 40 miles and had us head west and loop around Lake Minnetonka. The final leg was just over 20 miles and had us do a fly by of Minnehaha Falls, up to the Uof M and back to Lake Harriet.
Every leg of the ride  had a hidden medallion marked by orange flags, located at it's furthest point on that particular route. This one happened to be located at the top of Ramsey Hill. Any cyclist in the TC knows this hill and how steep it is....we earned this one  

Sky line 

Crushed limestone ...good  
  It was an absolutely exceptional day for the weather and I would not have chosen to be anywhere else than riding my bike around with other like minded individuals. The promoter has given a verbal of his intent to run the the event again next year with hopes of growing the number of riders in attendance.
Medallion 2 on the shores of Lake Minnetonka 

little break at medallion site....note orange flags marking location of hidden baggie 

On our way to the finish...Warehouse District MPLS 
 The naysayers out there may say they have ridden all this stuff many times and don't see the need for an "Event" but what the promoter seems to be asking is have you done it all at once. I too have ridden nearly every inch of the route broken up into different rides and circuits but it's fun to take the challenge of someone else's idea of a ride, and do it. Inevitably you will also meet new people, many of which turn out to be pretty cool and for the most part friendly.    Although I didn't really get to meet any of you...... Big thanks to the promoter and volunteers, hope next year goes as well as it did in 14'          D Rider ....out
My collection......To me ,this extra, clever,  little detail made this ride that much more fun to be a part of...... Thanks again  

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