The following is a true story, only the names have been changed, to protect the guilty.

Monday, September 22, 2014


Two times in as many weeks I got together with some friends for an old fashioned sling-shot shoot out. But this wasn't your typical kid style sling shot mix-up with aluminum cans and paper targets that your dad let you do in the back yard. Our shoot out was with glass and flammable liquids. The first go round was with some co-workers and involved a bunch of Avon perfume and aftershave bottles from the 70's and 80's. I acquired them at my mother-in-law's grizzle sizzle (garage sale) after they didn't sell, and were headed for the dumpster.

direct hit

you poor thing

scored this sweet HI-FI at the grizzle sizzle as well

shit hole

sing for me ....muther fukers
  I posted to facebook on a Thursday with my intentions of shattering them at the fast end of a wrist rocket that Friday, along with a picture of the items, and wanted to know if anyone would like to join in. I got a couple maybe's but mostly, "oh those are worth a lot of money". I checked Ebay just to make sure...they weren't worth shit, maybe a few bucks, but definitely not worth more than the happiness their demise would bring. I was surprised that three guys from work took the bait and followed me to a rather questionable area. Once we got underway with our stuff set-up and the target table engulfed in flames we were having a blast. It was one of those times when we were laughing so hard it hurt. After finishing up we planned for a return trip in two weeks.
first thing first...get the fire going for the kabobs later on

range is open

that's what ya get for doing a shitty job of singing

 Things didn't work out with the original group and didn't work for most of my other friends except one. This time I was not able to secure anymore Avon bottles or similar, so we settled on some items from the thrift store, attic, and shit I had lying around the house, as well as some old camp stove gas and some diesel fuel. The result was the same as the week before...side splitting laughter, flames and destruction. This time we also had dinner at the range before going our separate ways.


  1. OK, so I'm clear on this (because it seems like a real Fun Time) the vessel is filled with white gas (or somesuch) and the top is lit and THEN it is fired upon?

    And, the range looks like a hobo camp.

  2. we weren't brave enough to light it like a molotov cocktail. Instead I just dumped the fuel all over the table and the glass and started that on fire. We hurried up and shot the full bottles before the fire went out. this worked really well on the capped bottles as they had a chance to boil a little and release a good flame on impact. Once a couple bottles were broken and in flames, the whole system kept the flames going. On the second go round, we left a long burning fire starter on the ground, and when the first vessel was broken the fuel leaked down and set the table ablaze, the rest works the same as above. Yes this is a hobo camp......a super shitty one that the hobo's don't stay at, it's more of the last resort in which they only stay a few's that shitty

  3. That is some good, honest fun, right there. Awesome!