The following is a true story, only the names have been changed, to protect the guilty.

Sunday, September 7, 2014


Back in late July, G Man and myself did a nice float down the Zumbro River. We had so much fun I wanted the rest of my family to go back. That's precisely what we did a about a week later. Thanks to a big sale at a local sporting goods store my wife and I were able to secure two more kid sized sit-on-top kayaks to add to the one we already had.  
not much for rapids but it got the boys excited

These kayaks aren't much to speak of in terms of performance or quality, but they float, and give the kids their own freedom on the water. Joining us was Pierce, the boys second, third or some variation of a cousin, I'm not sure exactly, but he's a good kid and was a welcome addition to our group.
Lunch spot

This was the maiden voyage for this stainless grill I built over a year ago
 Learning from the last trip we got going much earlier and brought along a grill to make it plush. The trip down was similar to the previous one with lots of swimming and goofing off. Unfortunately the scummy, drunk, shit-bags were out in full force, with blatant displays of littering, vulgar language and innuendo, and general unsavory conduct. After we paddled past the widely dispersed  flotilla of scum, the second half of the day went much better.

swim time 
 We had a good time but I'm not sure if we will return to the section of the river that caters to inner-tubers via shuttle service from Zumbro Falls to Hammond. Be warned if you want a good family paddling experience, this may not be the place for you ! On the other hand the river valley is beautiful, other paddle-able sections are numerous, and nobody goes tubing in the spring or fall when the water gets cold.


  1. Super legit parenting. Kid adventures are IN! Being a scummy shit-bag is OUT.

  2. I think Zumbro Falls to Hammond is the busiest part of the entire Zumbro River due to the outfitter in ZF. I still prefer the Zumbro over the Root though.

    By the way, that grill looks awesome!