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Saturday, February 22, 2014

Weekend in Scony

Last weekend Big D and I headed north, while Lynn, Super Y and G Man headed south. My trip...for racing and having fun, theirs for gymnastics competition and having fun. I pulled Big D out of school early Friday so we could make the start of the Bike Across the Bay , fat-bike race in Ashland Wisconsin at 6pm. This was the first year for a fat-bike race that is piggy backing off the super popular Book Across the Bay ski race. Both are held at night and cross Chequamegon Bay of Lake Superior from Ashland to Washburn.
From the Chequamegon bay Hotel

Desolation....the race course 
The ski race is like a huge party after 10 k's out on the lake. The fat bike race was little longer at around 12 miles. The blowing snow just before the race detoured our course mainly on ice roads. I was cool with that since the small amount of riding on the original track was super soft and slow...besides that, how cool is it to be fat-biking on Lake Superior in the dark? We did have a full moon on the night of the race and when it got up off the horizon we hardly even needed head lights.
Start line

 The pace was fast and the race was over for me in about and hour. The temps had dropped substantially from the time I had suited up until the time I actually finished chilling me to the core. I was very thankful for a massive heated tent to warm up in and a hot meal to enjoy with my son and friends. Thanks to..... Marry for watching Big D. After the race we headed south to the Legend's cottage near Cable to stay the night and prepare for the bar stool ski races in Drummond the next day.
The big tent and Big D

Some of the "stools" from the unlimited class

Spidey riding the more common "classic"bar stool with skis 
  I was not racing but Big D and I along with Marry were going to watch. The race is simple with one person pushing at the start and the other riding to the finish line. The Legend going as Evil Spiderman would be the pusher of the bar stool while regular Spiderman would be the driver/rider. We had a good time people watching as well as race spectating. After a few hours Big D and I were ready to warm up and got invited to another cabin for a sauna. This one belonging to another good friend of mine B-dale. I hadn't been to his new place since he built it so it was nice to get a tour and defrost at the same time.
Jamaican bobsled team was there, and as usual....losing 

starting gate
Later in the evening we all met back up at another cabin for dinner. It's kind of crazy up there as it seems everyone from the twin-cities has a place in the Cable/Hayward area. I wouldn't mind my own place but for now I'll just have to visit. By Sunday morning school and work obligations had us packing up and driving home. Big Thanks to Mr and Mrs The Legend for a warm bed to crash on as well as the tasty breakfast, B-Dale and Kim for the sauna, Big D for finding a huge piece of icicle,and the Spidey family for the big group meal in a luxurious cabin.
Vintage sleds are always cool

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