The following is a true story, only the names have been changed, to protect the guilty.

Monday, December 2, 2013

Hungry for Stink

The night before Thanksgiving a small group of the Imperial Fat-Bike Riders entered the watery underground passages of Mahogany Town. Just like last year we (I) chose a couple close to each other so we could leave from one spot and hit them both.

the newbies

one of my favorite works of art
  On the night of our ride our group had dwindled to five, two of them being newbies to the "sewer tour". A small group is not a bad thing, especially when doing activities of this nature. Not much had changed inside. I was hoping for some new really cool or interesting "street art". The letters and all that stuff can be vibrant and fun to attempt to decipher, but I really enjoy seeing the characters and anything that doesn't fit into the tagging category.
bottom slippery when wet


new one, I like
  Only one new really cool image had been created since last year but there was a lot more of the other stuff.....someone has been busy. The ride in both sewers were relatively the same as last year except we didn't go as far in both of them. The first one was so slippery near the terminus we decided to turn around for fear of a nasty crash on the degraded, sharp edged bricks on the bottom.
first tracks...headed out at this point

toys for tots....nope. Found this is in a junk pile and then smashed a TV, I love Mahogany Town

Yeah that looks OK to me
 The second one ended a little early too. Unfortunately, The Legend got super wet (waist down) on the first sewer and ArcFlash was battling a sore knee(see AH 2013).   We got a late start on the evening, if we wanted to ride as far as we did the previous year it would mean missing out on "serving food till 11" . Our stomachs got the best of us and we were out.
Everyone knows a hand with faces on it only has five fingers...Duh 

The Helix, or stairway to heaven ?
   I had a lot of fun but would like to return soon for more exploration, a longer time limit and some food. Something really good like an open-faced turkey sandwich dripping with gravy that I can enjoy in the misty warmth of the sewer.


  1. The "Bubbles" photo is awesome!

    1. thanks, there are several other spots in the drain that have been painted in a repeating pattern , such as zebra stripes and wide bars. It's fun riding through it as you get a real sense of your speed

    2. Riding through that would be pretty sweet.

    3. come on out, I'll show you around

  2. I get back to the Twin Cities about once a year. I just might take you up on that sometime.