The following is a true story, only the names have been changed, to protect the guilty.

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Wednesday Night

The Wednesday before Thanksgiving the Imperial Fat-Bike Riders Group got together for a sewer tour. It went well but one of the guys in our group was not able to attend but wanted to do a tour soon. I wasn't about to go back to the same place one week later so I agreed to take him to a different sewer and throw in a tunnel I had never explored. I had proposed the ride to the rest of the group but none of them bit on it so I would just be Best in Schow and myself.

 Since I had already ridden the sewer several times in the last couple years we headed for the tunnel entrance first just in case we spent too much time there and had to cancel the second part. Although I had been keeping an eye on this one for the last couple years I never went inside since I was always alone and didn't bring a light. The entrance has been fortified by cinder blocks and wide iron bars and has gone through various states of repair and disrepair. It was in a state of disrepair on Wednesday night. After two years of imagining what I would find I was a little let down.

 The system had been filled with concrete from the bluff above. We were only able to walk down a couple hundred feet of passage until the solid concrete tapered the tunnel to a crawl and eventually down to nothing. The most interesting part of the system is a room off the side of the main tunnel. The floor is comprised of clean white sand coming from the roof. The room is full of bats, approximately 30, and has some sort of wheeled apparatus in it. We didn't stay long and were off to our next location. It was snowing so we were pretty happy with the new conditions but the wind was really starting to howl and the temps were dropping substantially.

       By the time we got to the entrance we were cold and anxious to warm up inside. This particular drain is not very long but fun none the less. The graffiti inside was completely different from a couple years ago and there was a lot more of it...people have been busy. Only a few of the pieces were notable,  must of the shit inside was the weird lettering that no one understands or it was just dip shits with a can of spray paint writing swear words or lousy representations of genitalia. We got to the end, a drop shaft with a steady flow of water coming down every square inch of  wall space, and headed back. Once back at the entrance it was much colder than when we started, we called it a night and parted ways.

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