The following is a true story, only the names have been changed, to protect the guilty.

Monday, November 4, 2013

Saturday Night

Seven of us got together on Saturday night for a fire, and  camp out via bike. Five of the group rode from the neighborhood that Vandy and I are from in Burnsville, and the other two met up with us en route from the north.
Necessary pavement 

It was a good thing that the ground was rather damp
  The group included Vandy, ArcFlash, The Legend, The Mayor, My brother AKA The Mexican, Best in Schow and myself. Although I made no mention of what I would be riding when I put out the call for a camp out, nearly all of us were on fat-bikes...... sign of the times.
let the relaxing begin

 The Mexican was the only one without a fat-bike and rode his retro cross bike. I was really happy and a little surprised to see him out with the group, he doesn't ride a lot and he hasn't done anything like this with me in the past so it was a great time hanging out with my bro. He's no stranger to camping or adventuring so he had all his own gear, we've done plenty of trips together just not one by bike.
The Legend

 Within a few minutes of locating our camp spot, we had a nice fire going and soon we were cooking brats on long pointy sticks. It was a calm, clear, cool, moonless night, perfect for just chillin out next to a raging fire occasionally nodding off before fully committing to the sleeping bag. Best in Schow and The Mayor would not be spending the night and left for home just before we all turned in.
That is what happens to a sleeping bag with a malfunctioning zipper  

The Mexican
  The next morning I awoke to a nicely stoked fire and the whole overnight crew awake and chatting. Soon we were all packing up and heading for home before most people were even out of bed.........   A great start to a Sunday.
Group Shot, a similar one was taken two years ago

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