The following is a true story, only the names have been changed, to protect the guilty.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

The Wreck

Somewhere in the early nineties I discovered for myself, a destroyed, abandoned car in the woods. I'm not sure of the make or the year but I'm guessing it's no newer than the early fifties since it still has a partially disassembled flat head motor rusting between the frame rails. Not that I really cared about either of the two details, I just thought it was kind of neat. Over the years when I was in the area I would go check on it to see if it was still there or if anything had changed.

Adequate ventilation 
  When I went to go see it last year I was hit by the idea to turn it into a fort. I was only able to get down there twice to actually work on it before winter. I had a grand idea of sleeping in it and installing a wood stove before it was covered in snow. The only progress made was to screw the passenger side doors and the trunk lid back in place. I was also able to remove what was left of the floor and get down to bare dirt.

  A couple weeks ago my boys and I went back to finish the job. We brought with us a bunch of small pieces of galvanized sheet metal, caulking, and camouflage spray paint, as well as a cordless drill, saws-all, and small shovel. The boys weren't really into it the first day, instead they further smashed already broken bits of glass they found and started building their own fort out of sticks. On the last day they were looking forward to a return trip when I put  them in charge of the spray painting.
Last winter Vandy and I visited the wreck while out fat biking.... it was in rough shape.

Wood stove made from an old refrigerant

  The outside is now fully camouflaged and almost water proofed. The inside is so dark I added three windows made out of Lexan and began spraying the inside white until I ran out of paint.  After three trips, The Wreck is almost ready for our first picnic. I finished the wood stove last Friday and will be installing it soon. Good luck finding it, and when you do, feel free to enjoy's not mine anyway. Stay tuned for an update on the picnic and possible sleepovers.