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Monday, July 29, 2013

Rhino Rally

This post is a little behind, the Rhino Rally took place last week but I wanted to give  heads up for the rally next year. 2013 was the fourth running of the fund raising rally which has taken place at Murphy Hanrehan the last three. The Rhinos Foundation was formed on 91' to raise money in the fight against cancer and help those affected by the disease.. they also put on a really good race. The format for the race was do as many laps as possible in five hours either solo or as a two person team. 
Race meeting

Start Line

One lap down
  Two years ago J Rients and I attempted a duo/relay effort but got rained out by the third lap. This year I was able to race with my wife as a duo/relay and compete against two other male/female teams. The boys are also old enough now to hang out at the race somewhat unattended so they were there too.
It's not often we get to do the same race :) 

The transition area/beginning of lap
It was a great family event for a good cause. They also provided food, beer, and swag.....something all who were in attendance appreciated. Check it out for next year. 

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