The following is a true story, only the names have been changed, to protect the guilty.

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Ft Snelling

Independence Day
 On the 4th of July the boys and I decided to visit Ft Snelling via bicycles and bike path. It seemed a fitting day and there were lots of activities going on at the historic site. I've ridden by the outside walls thousands of times over the years but have only been inside a handful of times. I've taken the boys there one time before, but they were young enough that they didn't remember it very clearly, so it held their interest and they had a good time.
Uh Oh !

Apparently the first Minnesota State Fair was held right here within the confines of the fort
 On our way there, when we stopped briefly to make a helmet adjustment, the boys received their first ticket ! A ticket for wearing their helmets, in which they get a free ice cream cone at Dairy Queen. They didn't know what to think for a minute and were quite nervous. G Man actually looked pissed off and almost refused to take it until I explained that it was a good thing and they were being rewarded for wearing their lids. I on the other hand felt like an idiot for not wearing mine. In the confusion of getting everything ready to go for the day, I forgot mine, I always wear mine :( .  

 Once inside the fort we spent the next two hours strolling the grounds exploring any open building and talked with the people reenacting life in the 1820-1830's. We also watched a mock battle and stayed for the firing of the cannons just before heading home.

 Later on we headed to my brothers place for a big BBQ and fire works in the evening. Sadly the entire day was missed by Mom/wife who is enjoying a 6 day vacation in Seattle to attend a Downhill/freeride MTB clinic and race on her new Pivot, Firebird :) (Thanks Penn Cycle/Mr Porter) . She definitely deserves the break, and at the time I'm writing this she has already finished the clinic and the competition and finished 3rd in her age category. Yeah Lynn !!!    
Sparklers are always cool 


  1. I always get a stern "talking to" by my bus driver when I forget my helmet on my ride to work (via the bus).

  2. Josh the kids look like little Indians on the war path in the last pic, LOL